Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel

The Park Plaza Hotel


– Extension for 150 Hotel Rooms
– Meeting rooms
– Spa & Swimming Pool Area
– Reception Areas
– Plant Rooms
– Gym
– Kitchens
– Restaurants & Bar
– All Areas with Lighting Control
– Lighting Control Systems

The works for this project consists of an extention on the original Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel rising from the 11th to the 18th floor with a new plant/LV switch room, level 12 supplying risers throughout the extention then feeding landlord distribution boards & supply rooms distribution board via tap offs plus 150 hotel rooms spread out over the 7 levels of the extention.

All 150 hotel rooms have their own lighting control board supplying power and a green point lighting control system.

Over levels 17 & 18 we 1st and 2nd fixed the penthouse with specified high end fixtures & fittings, lighting control panels, lift supplies & external lighting for the balcony overlooking the Albert Embankment.

This hotel development also comprises of an Executive Lounge of f level 12, numerous kitchens, meeting rooms, reception access, spa & swimming pool, Chico Latino Restaurant Bar, all installed & certified by DBS Electrical Solutions.